Ristovski making an excellent save during the game | VICTOR SALGADO - FCB

Barça Lassa’s 28-27 victory away at Ademar León means they are now just one point away from claiming the league title. Seven goals from Valero Rivera and 10 excellent saves from Ristovski were crucial in handing Xavi Pascual’s team their latest victory in the Asobal League and also inflicting on Ademar their first home defeat of the campaign.

The blaugranes started strongly in defence and it was a full five minutes before Ademar were able to find the net. By that time in the game Barça Lassa were 4-0 up and the visitors were able to stretch their advantage to 12-7 by the 20th minute, their biggest lead of the contest. At half time the league leaders lead 15-11.

In the second half Ristovski’s saves in goal kept Barça’s lead intact as Ademar came back. With six minutes to go there was just a goal in it at 28-27 to the blaugranes. The experience of Xavi Pascual’s men saw them through with Ristovski making a vital late stop to give them a 28-27 win.

The win was the 150th consecutive for Barça Lassa in domestic competition, stretching back to 18 May 2013 when they were defeated by Naturhouse La Rioja. Since then there have 116 league wins, 15 in the Copa del Rey, four in the Spanish Super Cup and seven in the Catalan Super Cup. 


Ademar León, 27
Barça Lassa, 28

Ademar León: Cupara, López (8), Juan García (5), G.Matias (-), Piñeiro (-), Juan Jose Fernández (4), Costoya (6) -Starting seven-; Biosca (-), Simonet (-), Pérez (1),  F. Matias (3), Felipe (-), Alonso (-), Jaime Fernández (-), Acacio (-), Huerta (-).
Barça Lassa: Ristovski, Sorahindo (1), Entrerrios (4), Tomàs (5), Mem (5), Jallouz (-), Valero Rivera (7) –Starting seven-; Ariño (1), N’Guessan (1), Syprzak (1), Viran Morros (-), Jicha (-), Lazarov (2), Antonio García (1).

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