Lazarov led Barça's scoring with eight goals / VICTOR SALGADO - FCB

Granollers: Almeida, Teixeira, Arnau García, Adrià Figueras, Ferran Solé, David Resina, Magalhaes –starting seven- Vicente Porras, Blanxart, Marc García, Adrià Pérez, Cañellas, Álex Márquez.

Barça: Saric, Víctor Tomás, Entrerrios, Sorhaindo, Ariño, Jicha, Lazarov –starting seven- Sarmiento, Gurbindo, Sigurdsson, Syprzak, Viran Morros, Jallouz.

Periods: 2-3, 5-4, 7-7, 8-11, 10-17, 13-17 (descans), 14-20, 16-22, 19-24, 22-27, 24-29, 27-34.


It’s now four wins out of four in games with Fraikin Granollers this season for FC Barcelona Lassa, once in each of the Super Cups, once in the league and now in the first leg of the Copa del Rey quarter final.

Daniel Saric (48.1% save rate) was outstanding against an ever-tough opponent who never allowed themselves to be intimidated by the runaway Liga Asobal leaders and managed to stay in contention throughout.

The second half was particularly intense and saw a considerable lull in the scoring, with Barça going for seven minutes without a goal at one point. But the home side eventually succumbed to a late flurry led by Lazarov, who ended the day with eight goals, and Barça ended up taking the win by seven.

The 27-34 result sets the Baugrana up nicely for Saturday’s return leg at 6.30pm CET in the Palau Blaugrana, with a place in the Final Four well in sight.

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