Víctor Tomás led Barça to victory in Sunday's final. / FCB

The Copa del Rey is back in blaugrana hands.

On the road and facing a hostile crowd supporting a highly motivated opponent, FC Barcelona Lassa Handball won the 20th Copa del Rey in team history on Sunday, just a week after being proclaimed league champions, showing their maturity with a win after leading from start to finish before pulling away in the waning moments.

More records broken

The team's 20th Copa del Rey is also their third straight, a sheer dominance that shows no signs of slowing down. In ten days they will have gone exactly two years without a loss in domestic play. Over that stretch they've won a staggering 115 games in a row in the league, the Copa del Rey, the Supercopa de Catalunya, the Asobal Super Cup and the Asobal Cup.

Barça are the all-time leaders in Copa del Rey titles with 20. And this isn’t the first time they have won it three straight years. They also did it from 1983–1985.

This was the last title in play for Barça this season after they had already won four.

As team captain, Víctor Tomás has now won the Copa del Rey, the Supercopa de Catalunya, the Asobal Super Cup and the Asobal Cup, while awaiting this year’s league trophy to be officially presented.

FCB Handbol: Campions de Copa by fcbarcelona


Anaitasuna, 30
Barça, 33

Helvetia Anaitasuna: Lorger, Gastón (3), Bazán (-), Garza (-), Chocarro (3), Costoya (7) and Da Silva (8) –starting seven– del Valle (2), Pérez de Inestrosa (1), Nadoveza (3), Ugarte (1), Castro (1) and Etxeberría (1).

Barça Lassa: Pérez de Vargas, Ariño (1), Jicha (2), Entrerrios (4), Lazarov (2), Tomás (8) and Sorhaindo (1) –starting seven– Sigurdsson (5), Jallouz (1), Syprzak (4), Sarmiento (1), Gurbindo (3), Viran and Noddesbo (1).

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