Captain Victor Tomás lifts the Copa ASOBAL/ ASOBAL

FC Barcelona Lassa won their eleventh Copa Asobal title against Naturhouse, their fifth consecutive cup success which equals the record streak set by Ciudad Real between 2003 and 2008.

Naturhouse started the game far brighter, with the trio of Malmagro, Molina and Fernández setting the tone for their early dominance. Despite Xavi Pascual calling a timeout to try to weather the early storm, Naturhouse led 10-15 after 21 minutes.

That all changed when Lazarov began firing and it was the Macedonian who brought the score level (18-18) just before the break from seven metres.

In the second half, Barça burst out of the traps with Naturhouse unable to respond. Victor Tomás’ pace dismantled the opposition on the counter-attack and on 38 minutes put his side 26-22 ahead. Syprzak, Jallouz  and Lazarov shone in the final stages to help Pascual’s side to a 35-31 victory.

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Match details

FCB Lassa, 35
Naturhouse, 31

FC Barcelona Lassa: Pérez de Vargas, Sigurdsson (1), Kopljar (2), Tomás (6), Entrerrios (3), Jallouz (7), Sorhaindo (1) –starting seven–; Viran Morros, Ariño, Syprzak (3), Gurbindo, Lazarov (10), Sarmiento (2) and Saric

Naturhouse: Kappelin, Malmagro (9), Molina (8), Vigo (3), Garcia (1), Pérez (7), Rodriguez –starting seven–; Garabaya (2), Val (1), Cadarso, Imanol and Aguinagalde

Score by 5 minute intervals: 1-3/ 4-7/ 7-11/ 10-14/ 14-17/ 18-18 (Half-time); 21-20/ 26-23/ 28-25/ 31-27/ 33-29/ 35-31

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