Raúl Entrerríos scored seven against Granollers / VÍCTOR SALGADO - FCB

FC Barcelona Lassa came out winners in the derby against Fraikin Granollers in a game which started evenly but a superb second half performance saw Xavi Pascual’s side run away comfortable victors.

In the opening exchanges, the two sides remained neck and neck. The home side took advantage of the visitors’ slack defending to gain a slight advantage early on, while Barça made full use of their speed on the break to establish an 18-15 lead going into half-time.

Final push for victory

Víctor Tomás was the protagonist at the beginning of the second half as Barsa increased the margin to 20-16 while Lazarov proved clinical from seven metres. Granollers then went five minutes without getting a point on the board, allowing Barça to increase the score to 29-19.

In the closing stages, with the match all but decided, Jallouz increased the scoreline in front of the 2,121 spectators at the Palau to end the game 39-28.

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Match details

FCB Lassa, 39
BM Granollers, 28

FCB Lassa: Saric, Víctor Tomás (5), Entrerríos (7), Ariño (3), Syprzak (3), Jallouz (7), Lazarov (6) -starting seven-, Pérez de Vargas, Noddesbo (1), Kopljar (2), Sorhaindo (-), Gurbindo (1), Sigurdsson (3), Oriol Rey (-), Viran Morros (-), Dujshebaev (1).

BM Granollers: Pol Sastre, Selicani (5), Marc Garcia (-), Figueras (2), Solé (-), Resina (2), Valadao (5) –starting seven-, Oliveira, Porras (2), Blanxart (1), Flores (-), Cañellas (6), Gassama (5).

Score by five minutes: 4-2/6-5/10-7/11-10/14-12/18-15 (descans)/22-17/25-19/29-19/31-21/36-25/39-28.

Rerferees: Javier Álvarez and Ion Bustamante.

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