Victor Tomás celebrating one of his goals / MIGUEL RUIZ-FCB

A heart stopping finale saw Barça Lassa overcome Swedish side Kristianstad for their first win in this season’s EHF Velux Champions League. Xavi Pascual’s team received their reward for their effectiveness in the final stages and leave behind the disappointment of their recent defeat in the same competition against Rhein-Neckar Lowen.

The first few minutes were a preview of what was to come in the game - both sides taking advantage of the counter to hurt their opponents. Barça took an early lead and in the 10th minute Swedish coach Ola Lindgren saw himself obliged to call a time out with his side four goals behind. Barça led 10-6 but then a period of eight minutes without goals was brought to end with the visitors storming back to level things at 10-10. The impressive Jallouz put Xavi Pascual’s team back in front and Jicha added two more to stretch the home side’s advantage. Nevertheless, Kristianstad fought back and Xavi Pascual’s team led just by a single goal at the break, 17-16.

Barça keeper Saric made two important saves and two more goals from Jicha and one from Sigurdsson allowed the home side a four goal lead at 20-16. At 22-17 the blaugranes had their biggest lead of the game, forcing another time out from the Swedes. That seemed to do them no end of good as they pulled it back to 23-21

In the last 10 minutes Barça moved up a gear, much to the delight of the 3,109 fans inside the Palau Blaugrana. However, with just five minutes to go, Barça led just by two goals at 32-30. The nail biting finish saw the blaugranes prevail, Lazarov scoring with just a minute left to make the final score 34-32 to Xavi Pascual’s team.



FCB Lassa: Gonzalo (-), Kopljar (3), Victor Tomás (4), Sorhaindo (3), Sigurdsson (2), Viran Morros (-), Entrerrios (3) – starting seven- Nöddesbo (1), Sarmiento (1), Saric (-), Ariño (-), Gurbindo (0), Syprzak (1), Jicha (5), Jallouz (6), Lazarov (5)

IFK Kristianstad: Larsson (-), Björnsen (11), Tollbring (6), Cederholm (2), Jamali (6), O’Sullivan (2), Lindskog (-) –starting seven- Lagergren (-), Larsson (-), Dhalin (-), Jepson (-), Simic (-), Petterson (5), Hanisch (-), Eriksen (-)

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