Lazarov i Rutenka, signant autògrafs a l'anterior edició de la F4 / FOTO:GERMÁN PARGA-ARXIU FCB

Lazarov and Rutenka signing autographs in last season's Final Four / GERMÁN PARGA-ARXIU FCB

The Barça handball team are now in Cologne for the semi-finals of this season’s Champions League. In these situations there are a lot of background details that often go unnoticed by the public so we have put together an interesting list of them for you in this article:

  1. Due to the time of the semi-final (3.15pm CET), the blaugranes will have lunch on Friday and Saturday at 11.00am CET. Sunday’s timetable depends on whether they reach the final or not.
  2. The lunch time menu on Friday and Saturday will be soup, salad, spaghetti, beef and fruit.
  3. 700 Barça fans will be cheering on the Barça handball team in Germany in a venue that hold 19,750 with the game already a sell out.
  4. In the semi-final and the game on Sunday, Xavi Pascual’s side will wear their ‘blaugrana’ home kit with the goalkeepers wearing green.
  5. The Barça team will occupy dressing room number 3 at the Lanxess Arena.
  6. The blaugranes will have two training sessions in Cologne. On Thursday and on Friday but the sessions will not take place at the Lanxess Arena.
  7. On Friday at 1.15pm CET, coach Xavi Pascual, Sigurdsson, Karabati, Rutenka, Tomás and Pérez Vargas will be available to the press in Cologne. At the same time, Lazarov and Saric will sign autographs in Cologne city centre.
  8. At 6.00m CET on Friday, Jesper Noddesbo will take part in a Google Hangout organised by the EHF (European Handball Federation) at the Lanxess Arena. From 7.00-9.00pm CET the whole team will take part in the ‘Welcome Party’.
  9. The game between Barça and Kielce can be seen on EHFTV.
  10. On Saturday at 9.30am CET and at the same time on Sunday, coach Xavi Pascual has to name his squad for the upcoming match.
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