Karabatic ha marcat vuit gols, amb un 100% d'efectivitat / VÍCTOR SALGADO - FCB

Naturhouse La Rioja, 29
FC Barcelona, 35

Naturhouse La Rioja: Jorge Gómez, Juanín García (1), Luife (5), Vigo (2), Stenmalm (3), Rocas (2), Javier García (1) –starting seven -, Miguel Sánchez (-), Garabaya (1), Cacheda (1), Pedro Rodríguez (4), Jonovski (-), Ángel Fernández (5), Lykke (4).

FC Barcelona: Saric, Víctor Tomás (4), Entrerríos (1), Sorhaindo (4), Sigurdsson (1), Rutenka (2), Viran (-) –starting seven -, Noddesbo (2), Sarmiento (3), Gurbindo (-), Karabatic (8), Saubich (2), Jallouz (3), Lazarov (5).

The Barça handball side booked their place in the last four of the Spanish Cup with an impressive victory by 35-29 over Naturhouse La Rioja. The advantage from the first leg gave Xavi Pascual’s side a cushion coming into the second leg. Despite that, the blaugranes never let themselves relax and with an 18-14 lead at half time, the victory was set up and a confident second half performance finished off the job.

The game began with goals being exchanged at either end but soon Saric’s saves and Lazarov’s finishing gave the visitors an 8-4 advantage. The home side’s Luisfe kept his team neck and neck with five goals in five shots but Karabatic’s influence took hold of the game and Barça’s lead was back at 18-14. The Frenchman continued to impress in the second half with Xavi Pascual cleverly using his bench in view of the demanding calendar coming up for his team. Naturhouse kept themselves in the game but in the end Barça’s quality allowed them to close out the victory. The two sides will meet again in a few days time, this time in the league.

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