Karabatic and Noddesbo both scored plenty against Cangas / PHOTO: VÍCTOR SALGADO - FCB

Barça have made it four wins in four games in the Liga Asobal by winning away to the side from Cangas de Morrazo in Galicia by 28-35. Sigurdsson and Noddesbo got seven goals each and Karabatic had six.

The Catalans led from start to finish, and were already three up after the first ten minutes (5-8), but the difference remained like that for most of the first half until a late scoring flurry saw them go to 12-18, and then to 15-22 at the break.

Gonzalo replaced Saric in the FCB goal for the restart and although Barça did not relax, some tight defence from the home side meant the difference hovered around eight goals for the rest of the second half, with the two teams exchanging goals and the win never looking in doubt for the visitors until it all ended 28-35.

A useful boost for FCB ahead of Sunday’s Champions League debut away to Alingsås HK of Sweden.


Frigoríficos Morrazo, 28
FC Barcelona, 35

Frigoríficos Morrazo: Mijuskovic, Iglesias (2), Pousada (3), Eijo (2), Gallego, Krook (1), Rubén Soliño (4) -starting seven-, Salazar, Muratovic (2), Casares (3), David García (4), Simes (4), Cerquiera (1), Amarelle (2).

FC Barcelona: Saric, Saubich (1), Gurbindo (1), Sarmiento (1), Karabatic (6), Noddesbo (7), Sigurdsson (7) -starting seven-, Gonzalo, Viran, Lazarov (5), Ariño (1), Rutenka (4), Miralles, Jallouz (2).

5 minute periods: 2-4 / 5-8 / 7-11 / 10-14 / 12-18 / 15-22 / 17-23 / 19-25 / 20-28 / 24-31 / 28-33 / 28-35.

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