Víctor Tomás scored six goals in the final of the Asobal Cup / PHOTO: Javier Quintana - Asobal

Nicola Karabatic was named MVP of the Asobal Cup final / PHOTO: Javier Quintana - Asobal

FC Barcelona, 37
Fraikin BM Granollers, 26

The Barça handball team won yet another title on Sunday afternoon, their fourth of the season, after beating Fraikin BM Granollers once again, this time by a score of 37-26. This title comes after the team have already hoisted the Super Cups of Catalunya and Spain, as well as the Clubs World Cup. After an even first half of play, Barça went on a tear midway through the second half to pave the way to victory.

The goalkeepers were the stars early on in this one, which kept the game close. A 3-0 Barça run to go up 17-13 at the end the first half was the first time either side opened up a decent lead.

Barça's experience would be key as they deftly fended off a Granollers run that brought them within four at 27-23 by striking back with five unanswered scores of their own to slam the door shut with a 32-23 lead. Barça spent the remainder of the match up by at least ten goals, avoiding a dramatic ending on their way to raising their newest piece of hardware.


FC Barcelona: Saric, Víctor Tomás (6), Lazarov (3), Karabatic (7), Rutenka (7), Entrerríos (-), Ariño (3) —starting seven—, Sorhaindo (1), Viran (-), Sarmiento (-), Gurbindo (3), Sigurdsson (5), Jallouz (2), Saubich (-).

Fraikin BM Granollers: Pejanovic, Blanxart (-), Marc Garcia (-), Grundsten (-), Valadao (5), Del Arco (5), Resina (3) —starting seven—, Pol Sastre, Álvaro Ruiz (2), Ferran Solé (8), Toledo (1), Figueras (-), Pérez (1), García (-), Capdevila (1), Puig (-).

Scoring by 5-minute intervals: 3-2/7-4/9-7/12-10/14-13/17-13 (halftime), 19-16/22-18/26-22/31-23/33-23/37-26.

Referees: Álvarez Mata and Bustamante López

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