Lazarov led FC Barcelona with 9 goals / PHOTO: VÍCTOR SALGADO - FCB

Barça beat Polish side Wisla Plock 30-25 and are now 2-0 in Champions League play. But things didn’t get off to the most promising of starts when strong defending fired the visitors into a 2-5 lead, and things could have been worse had Pérez de Vargas not been so effective in goal. By the quarter hour, Sarmiento and Ariño had edged Barça back into it at 4-5.

Barça needed to improve, and sending on Lazarov seemed to do the trick. The Macedonian and Karabatic spearheaded the team into an 11-8 lead, although a penalty meant things were still close at 13-12 when half-time was called.

The Poles got back level after the restart, but Saubich and Karabatic responded and Barça were finally away, leading 20-16 after 39 minutes. Wisla Plock did respond, but when Karabatic put five points between the sides at 23-18, it looked like everything was finally under control.

With Noddesbo sin-binned Wisla got back to 23-20, but Lazarov (9/13 in goal attempts) came into his own, while replacement keeper Saric was just as good as Pérez de Vargas had been in the first half. It was a case of defending the lead, something FCB did well and the five-goal difference was maintained until it all ended at 30-25. That’s two wins out of two in Europe for Xavi Pascual and his team.


FC Barcelona, 30
Wisla Plock, 25

FC Barcelona: Pérez de Vargas, Noddesbo (4), Sarmiento (2), Gurbindo (1), Sigurdsson, Karabatic (7), Saubich (2) -starting seven-, Entrerríos (2), Saric, Ariño (1), Miralles, Viran, Revuelta, Jallouz (1), Lazarov (9).

Wisla Plock: Corrales, Daszek, Ghionea (3), Rocha (5), Syprzak (4), Zelenovic (5), Montoro (4) -starting seven-, Kwiatkowski, Racotea (2), Tioumentsev (9), Wisniewski, Wichary, Morawski, Nikcevic (1).

5 minute periods: 1-1 / 2-4 / 4-5 / 7-7 / 11-8 / 13-12 / 17-15 / 21-18 / 23-20 / 26-23 / 28-24 / 30-25.

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