Saric was the hero against Ángel Ximénez / PHOTO: VICTOR SALGADO

FC Barcelona cruised to a 31-16 win against Àngel Ximénez Puente Genil, who put up a fight for the first 15 minutes, but were eventually outplayed by a better side.

It was 4-2 after five minutes, and it looked like it would be an easy day for Barça, but the side from Cordoba gradually started to find their game and went 6-7 up after twelve minutes. But that’s when Xavi Pascual’s side got the machine working on full power, and after 20 minutes they were back in control at 11-9.

Saric then pulled off some quality to saves to leave things at 16-10 at the break, with only 5-goal hero Vázquez able to cause much danger from the visitors.

Saric outstanding

The second 30 minutes began with Barça once again playing strong in defence, limiting the Cordobans to two goals in the first ten minutes. Saric continued to perform exceptionally in goal, and every time the visitors lost the ball, Barça seemed to be scoring with lightning quick counter-attacks. The lead got bigger, but Barça didn’t let off, and even when coach Pascual decided to hand some time to the younger players, the goals didn’t stop coming and it all ended 31-16.




FC Barcelona: Saric, Sorhaíndo(1), Sigurdsson(1), Karabatic(4), Saubich(2), Jallouz(3), Lazarov(7), - starting seven-, Pérez de Vargas (), Noddesbo(3), Entrerríos(), Sarmiento, Ariño(4), Gurbindo(2),  Miralles(1), Márquez(1) & Viran Morros(2).

Ángel Ximénez: Medina, Cuenca(2), Álvaro de Hita, Melgar(1), Ebouhy(3), Vázquez(6), Baena(2),-starting seven-, Olea, Cabello, Laliga(1), Morales(1), Chirosa,  Xavi Tuá & Porras.

Periods: 4-2 (5'), 6-4 (10'),8-8 (15'); 11-9 (20');14-9 (25'); 16-9(half time); 19-11 (35'); 22-12 (40'); 25-15 (45'); 27-16 (50'); 29-16 (55'); 31-16 (final)

Referees: Fernando Joaquín Fernández & Alberto García Rodríguez


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