Lazarov scored 12 times at the Palau / PHOTO: VÍCTOR SALGADO-FCB

Barça’s handball team got another Champions League win at the Palau Blaugrana.

But they didn’t have it all their way, and the tough-defending Swedes spent much of the first half in the lead. However, a 4-0 streak from FCB turned a 9-11 deficit into a 13-11 lead, and from then on, with Rutenka (8 goals) finding fine form, there was no looking back.

It was still 18-17 at half time, but the home side started flying away with it after the break, with some stunning goalkeeping from Saric, who made full use of his body, including his face and stomach, to keep the Swedes at bay. Lazarov led the charge as he set Barça’s highest individual goals tally in Europe this season (12), with a comfortable 13-point margin eventually ensuring that the Catalans stay top of Group B.


FC Barcelona, 42
Alingsas HK, 29

FC Barcelona: Pérez de Vargas, Sorhaindo (2), Sarmiento (2), Ariño (-), Gurbindo (3), Rutenka (8), Saubich (4) –starting seven–, Noddesbo (3), Entrerríos (3), Saric, Sigurdsson (4), Oriol Rey, Viran (-), Karabatic (1), Jallouz (-), Lazarov (12).

Alingsas HK: Aggefors, Enstrom (3), Tellander (5), Darj (4), Teern (-), Nilsson (1), Larsson (2) –starting seven–, Frisk, Claar (1), Konradsson (6), Fagerlund (3), Ofors (2), Bergendahl (-), Torbjornsson (2).

5 minute periods: 2-2/5-4/8-10/13-12/16-14/18-17 (descans)/21-20/26-21/29-23/33-25/36-27/42-29.

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