Lazarov scored five goals against Guadalajara / PHOTO:VÍCTOR SALGADO-FCB ARCHIVE


BM Guadalajara: Oliveira, Peciña (2), Reig (4), Moyano (4), López (2), Rocha (6), Iker Antonio (2)–starting 7-, Parra (1), Márquez (2), Barbero, Bozalongo (5), Pozzer (3) and Ramos.

FC Barcelona: Saric, Noddesbo (4), Gurbindo (2), Sigurdsson (3), Morros, Karabatic (5), Lazarov (5) –starting 7-, Gonzalo, Entrerríos (6), Sorhaindo (3), Ariño (2), Márquez (1), Rutenka (6), Saubich (4) and Jallouz.

Barça won at Guadalajara for their 13th league win in 13 tries this season after a difficult first half that saw them down by a pair just before the half. However a strong showing after the break saw César Montes' side hold steady and then put the game away.

Barça overcame a difficult environment to play in and a team mired low in the standings on a night when they struggled early. They managed to turn a two-goal deficit into a 21-20 lead at the half and never looked back with a 9-3 run just after the break to essentially put the game away.

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