Gurbindo during the game against Blas-Gon Villa de Aranda / VICTOR SALGADO - FCB

FC Barcelona, 46

Blas- Gon Villa de Aranda, 30

FC Barcelona: Saric, Sigurdsson(3), Gurbindo (3), Noddesbo (5), Rutenka (4), Sarmiento (2), Saubich (5) – starting seven – Victor Tomás, Entrerríos (5), Ariño (3), Rey (3), Morros (2), Jallouz (7), Lazarov (3).

Blas-Gon Villa de Aranda: Díaz, Cabanas (9), Redondo(1), Beltza, Megías, Matheus (1), Oswaldo (5) – starting seven – Camino, Santana, Muñoz (4), Sánchez, Moreira (3), Pazin (1), Lazic (2), Martín (3) and García (1).

The Barça handball side do not let up. The blaugranes once again showed their strength at the Palau Blaugrana. This time, the game served as an important warm up for the two important games that remain this season for Xavi Pascual’s side: the Spanish Cup and the European Cup. Barça came clearly on top against Blas-Gon Villa Aranda by 46-30.

After making it to the Final Four of European competition at the weekend, Barça turned their attention back to the league, a competition in which they have already been claimed champions. After the traditional guard of honour from their opponents, Xavi Pascual’s side set to work on their objective of ending the season unbeaten. The first half went to script in the Palau with the blaugranes ending it 23-13 in front, Saric, in fine form in goal, stopping 11 of 28 shots from the Castillian side.

The song was the same in the second half with coach Pascual sending on keeper Pérez de Vargas in place of Saric. The advantage grew as the game went on, Barça keeping their game sharp for the challenges to come with a 46-30 final victory.

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