Cuiners i malabaristes del Barça d'handbol / FOTO: Germán Parga FCB

Players and technical staff took part in the activity / PHOTO: Germán Parga FCB

The handball squad took part in an interesting team building session after training on Tuesday morning, with the technical staff putting on chefs’ hats and the players learning how to juggle.

Coaches in the kitchen

The players arrived at the societat gastronòmica Euskalzaleak in the Born barrio in Barcelona – a typical Basque eating club - at midday and found that the technical staff had already begun work preparing their lunch.

Whilst the staff prepared a menu of tasters, salads, Riojan potatoes, cod and peppers and pastries for dessert, the players were given a class in juggling. Not all of the players were too skilful, but they all pitched in for an activity aimed at strengthening a sense of teamwork that ended in an excellent meal!

Cuina i malabars amb el Barça d’handbol by fcbarcelona
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