Karabatic led Barça's scoring in Benidorm / PHOTO: ARXIU FCB

[[DES_1]]Barça won on Sunday afternoon to stay one point ahead of Fraikin BM Granollers in the Asobal league. But getting the better of surprise package Benidorm was no easy task.

Barça were trailing throughout the first half, with home keeper David Moyano on staggering form and Benidorm flying into a 5-2 lead after five minutes. Xavi Pascual called two timeouts to little avail and after 29 minutes, Benidorm went as many as seven points ahead on 16-9. Things were not looking good at all.

A huge shake-up was required in the second half, and Karabatic did much of that work with six goals. Benidorm were clearly starting to tire, and an impressive charge from Barça soon got things back to a far more palpable 18-17. There was suddenly space everywhere on court, and some magic from captain Víctor Tomás got FCB in front for the first time at 22-23.

But Benidorm didn’t throw in the towel. A late surge from then meant that it was until the final minutes and goals from Karabatic and Víctor Tomás that the win was finally secured to ensure FC Barcelona stay top of the table.



BM Benidorm: Moyano (Enrique Martínez), Porras, Esteban (1), Grau (3), D. Jiménez (10), Cuartero (5), Río (4) -starters-, Javi Sánchez (2), Villar, Jorge Sánchez, Recio, Llorens

FC Barcelona: Pérez de Vargas (Saric), Noddesbo (3), Tomás (5), Sarmiento, Ariño, Viran, Karabatic (6) -starters-, Entrerríos (3), Sorhaindo (2), Gurbindo, Sigurdsson (3) i Lazarov (6).

Referees: Alberto Hermoso del Amo and David Monjo Ortega.

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