Karabatic amb la pilota

Karabatic had a fine day in Sweden / PHOTO: ARXIU FCB

Barça got their Champions League campaign off to a strong start in Sweden. The home side had a decent first half, but once the visitors got into their stride, there was only ever going to be one winner.

As Xavi Pascual had expected, the Swedes used their speed on the counter attack to great effect, but when Viran Morros scored after 18 minutes, Barça finally managed to put some space between the two scores at 9-13. Lazarov, Noddesbo and Saubich were suddenly finding it a whole lot easier to score, and the half ended with a promising Barça lead of 16-21.

The first half may have been an interesting battle, but the second was considerably more one-sided. Barça were soon eight up at 20-28. There was a brief period when young Konradsson led something of a Swedish comeback to 25-30 but they couldn’t keep up the momentum, and from there onwards Barça cruised it to eventually win 28-38.

Handball: Alingsas HK - FC Barcelona (28-38... por fcbarcelona





Aggefors, Enström (4), Nilsson (3), Darj (1), Konradsson (5), Tellander (3), Johansson (2, 1p.) -atarting seven-, Frisk, Claar (-), Theern (4), Ofors (2), Bergendhal (3) & Torbjörnsson (1).


Sarich, Saubich(4), Gurbindo(2), Sigurdsson(3), Karabatic(6), Noddesbo(9), Viran Morros(1), -atarting seven-, Pérez de Vargas, Entrerríos, Sarmiento(3), Ariño, Miralles, Rutenka(4), Jallouz & Lazarov(6).


3-3 (5'), 6-7 (10'), 7-8 (15'); 11-14 (20');13-17 (25'); 16-21 (halftime); 20-25 (35'); 22-28 (40'); 25-31 (45'); 26-33 (50'); 27-34 (55'); 28-38 (final).

Referees: Vaclav Horacek, Jiri Novotny & Dagfinn Villanger.

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