Nicola Karabatic was one of the outstanding players / PHOTO: FCB ARCHIVE

Abanca Ademar Lleó, 37- FC Barcelona, 43

Abanca Ademar Lleó: Biosca, Kristensen (5), Joao (5), Carrillo (7), Ricardo Díez, Aguirrezabalaga (4), Almeida (2) –starting seven–, Vejin (9), Eduardo (1), Borja, Rodrigo (1), Diego (2), Jaime & Dimitrievski (1).

FC Barcelona: Saric, Entrerríos (6), Gurbindo (4), Gudjon (9), Rutenka (4), Karabatic (6), Saubich (3) –starting seven–, Gonzalo, Sorhaindo (2), Sarmiento (6) & Lazarov (3).

FC Barcelona have maintained their unbeaten record in the Liga ASOBAL in their final game before the winter break and at one of the traditionally most difficult venues in the competition.

It all got off to a lively start with the teams tied on 8-8 after 10 minutes, but superior defending by Barça soon started building up a gap that had become four goals by half-time (18-22).

The break included the announcement of the draw for the next round of the Asobal Cup, which sees the Catalans pitted against a side they’ve already beaten this season, Naturhouse La Rioja, on Saturday December 20 at 8.00 PM CET.

Back to the game and the goals continued to flow, with Leon unable to narrow the gap and Raül Entrerríos and Nikola Karabatic eventually nudging Barça further into the lead. The home side kept battling until the end, egged on by their vociferous fans, but Barça controlled the clock and marched on towards an impressive victory.

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