Sarmiento on the point of throwing towards the opposition goal and scoring

Sarmiento scoring on Tuesday / PHOTO: GERMÁN PARGA-FCB

FC Barcelona's handball team continue to chalk up the wins, seeing off Port Sagunt with a crushing 43-20 win to make it thirteen wins on the run - with two games left to play they are just two wins off a perfect first half to the season. Xavi Pascual's side were on top from the off and after ten minutes were already eading by ten points. Sagunt had no answers and Barça eventually streched their 22-8 half time lead to a final 23 goal winning margin.


Ariño opens the flood gates

Barça made their intentions clear from the start and Ariño's goals took them to 4-0 up before the visitors could even reply. With Saric and the defence clearly on top, Gurbindo, Rutenka and Sorhaindo were scoring freely and the 22-8 scoreline at the break was a cear indication of Barça's superiority, even without the injured Raúl Entrerríos.The goals just kept coming after the break and even though Barça did take their foot off the gas, their 23 goal winnig margin was a reflection of a crushing all round performance.


FC Barcelona, 43
Port Sagunt, 20

FC Barcelona (22+21): Saric: Saubich (4), Gurbindo (1), Sorhaindo (3), Sarmiento (3), Rutenka (3), Ariño (6) (starting seven), Viran Morros (1), Noddesbo (3), Víctor Tomás (2), Karabatic (3), Lazarov (8, 4p.), Juanín,Kasal (2) and Stranovski (4)

Fertiberia Port Sagunt (8+12): Bruixola; Garcia Moriñigo (4, 2p.), Dukic (1), Plaza (2), Angel Fernandez (1), Apelgren (3), Nebot (starting sevenl), Marc Andreu (2), Lluna, Berrios, Ibáñez, Tarrasó (1), Grau (2), Toni Alegre (2) and Roque (2).

Five minute break scores: 5-1, 9-2, 12-3, 16-6, 19-7, 22-8 (half time), 26-10, 31-11, 35-13, 38-14, 43-20 (final)

Referees: Javier Gude and Juan J. Gude

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