Another victory for Barça’s handball team. That;s 27 victories in the league this season. The team managed by Xavi Pascual defeated Juanfresa Grupo Fegar of Gijón this Tuesday in the league match sandwiched in between last weekend’s epic comeback in the Champions League against Rhein-Neckar Löwen and the upcoming Cup match against Naturhouse la Rioja on Saturday. Noddesbo and Saric were two of the best players for a Barça team that played without Sterbik, Rutenka, Karabatic and Tómas.


FC Barcelona, 38
Juanfersa Grupo Fegar, 25

FC Barcelona (19+19): Saric; Saubich (5), Gurbindo (4), Viran, Sarmiento (3), Raúl Entrerríos (3), Stranovsky (3, 1p) -starting team- Noddesbo (7), Lazarov (4), Kasal (1) Balaguer (4), Robin, Sorhaindo (1), Juanín (2) i Ariño (1)

Juanfersa Grupo Fegar (12+13): Savic; Huerta (2), Acetti (2), Serdio (4), Cakic, Costoya (6), Pellitero (3,2p) -starting team- Adrián Fernández (2), Vallado, Miguel Paraja (3), Golubovic (2), Fernández, Cancio i Juanjo Ruesga (1)

Referees: Luque Cabrejas and Pascual Sánchez

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