Víctor Tomás / PHOTO: asobal.com

Two for two! Only a week after winning the Club World Cup tournament in Qatar, Barça claimed the Asobal Supercup this Friday. Xavi Pascual’s men rolled over Naturhouse La Rioja, a team that will feature in the Champions League this season.

The match started with a Víctor Tomás and Dani Sarmiento – they scored the opening six goals for Barça between them – leading the charge. Barça’s initial pace was devilish and their defence was tight. The team led by Xavi Pascual soon took a 9 to 4 lead, which forced Jota González to call time out.

The end of the first half came with a seven-goal lead for Barça (19-12).

At the start of the second half, Naturhouse attempted to fight back through Paván. However, the visiting team’s attempt was to no avail. Barça won the title thanks to the 40 to 31 scoreline. Karabatic was named the best player of the match; Lazarov was the highest scorer, and Saric was named the best keeper.


FC Barcelona, 40
Naturhouse La Rioja, 31

F.C Barcelona (19+21): Saric, Noddesbo (2), Juanín García (4), Víctor Tomás (6), Morros (1), Karabatic (6), Lazarov (7), Sarmiento (5), Ariño, Gurbindo (2), Saubich (1), Stranovsky, Sorhaindo (3), Entrerríos (1) and Rutenka (2,1p).

Naturhouse La Rioja (12+19): Jorge Martínez (Aguinagalde, ps), Malasinskas (4), Arrieta (1), Luis Felipe Jiménez (-), Garabaya (2), Pedro Rodríguez (7,4p), Capote (1), Thiagus (5), Velasco (3), Ángel Fernández (-), Thiagus (6), Paván (6) and Romero (2).

Referees: Óscar Raluy López and Ángel Sabroso Ramírez.

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