Sorhaindo and Sterbik

Sorhaindo and Sterbik / PHOTO:FCB

Sorhaindo and Sterbik

SSorhaindo and Sterbik /PHOTO:FCB

The countdown to the start of the VELUX EFT FINAL FOUR has started. This Friday, the day before the two semi-finals, was a busy day for FC Barcelona. They trained in the morning, attended the Opening Party at Lanxess Arena, and took part in the different promotional events for the competition.

Intense morning

Barça’s day started off with a training session in Cologne. For a little more than an hour, Pascual drilled his men on different aspects of collective play ahead of tomorrow’s semi-final showdown at 6:00 PM CET against SG Flensburg.

After the session, Arpad Sterbik and Cedric Sorhaindo signed autographs in the city center with organisers of the competition. At the same time, Mickaël Robin represented Barça at the charity golf tournament organised by EHF.

Press conferences

The team ate lunch at 2:00 PM CET and at the meal’s conclusion five Barça players and Xavi Pascual talked to the press. The junket was organised by the Champions League.

Rutenka, Karabatic, Entrerríos, Tomás and Noddesbo accompanied Pascual at the press conference. The interviews lasted about 30 minutes, and the conference was held at the team hotel.

Busy evening

At 6:30 PM CET Víctor Tomás participated in a Final Four Google Hangout, and at 7:10 PM CET the team attended the Opening Party of the VELUX EHF FINAL FOUR.

An hour later, the players were signing autographs and posed for photos. The team returned to the hotel for dinner and rest, and they are now completely focused on tomorrow’s decisive game.

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