Sjöstrand and Jernemyr / PHOTO: www.london2012.com

Hard-fought win for Nagy’s Hungary over South Korea. The South Koreans battled throughout the match and pushed Hungary to the limit. The Europeans, in the end, edged the Asian country by three goals.

Sjöstrand and Jernemy’s Sweden didn’t have any problems claiming victory over Great Britain. Sjöstrand saved 41% of Great Britain’s shots and Jernemy led the Swedish defence.

Spain also took to the court this Tuesday evening. Unfortunately, a last-minute goal from Denmark handed Víctor Tomás, Rocas, Entrerríos, Sarmiento, Gurbindo, Viran Morros y Aguirrezabalaga their first defeat in the London Olympic Games.

Equality on the court

Neither side were able to open up a significant lead in the first half. The Hungarians and South Koreans both employed solid and physical defences. At the start, Nagy led his team to a two-goal lead but the South Koreans quickly battled back to level the score.

The South Koreans’ pace allowed them to overtake the Hungarians by the end of the first half (7-9). Nagy scored two of his team’s first-half seven goals. The game remained close in the second half, until Hungary picked up the pace.

On the 20th minute of the second half, with Nagy leading the defence, the Hungarians opened up their first significant lead of the match (18-16). The Hungarians increased their lead to three goals in the final 10 minutes of the match to claim their first win of the tournament after losing to Denmark on July 19.

Easy win for Sweden

Hosts and debutants, Great Britain, were unable to hold Sjöstrand and Jernemy’s Sweden at bay. At the start, the Swedes opened up a devastating 24-10 lead.

Sjöstrand played the first half and saved 41% of Great Britain’s shots while Jernemy led Sweden’s defence.

Painful defeat

Spain, on the other hand, suffered its first defeat in Games in a match marked by solid defending. A goal from Knudsen in the dying seconds of the game tilted the scales in Denmark’s favour. Sarmineto scored four goals.

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