Sorhaindo playing for France in the Olympics

Sweden and France will face off for the Olympic gold medal this Sunday at 16.00. The Swedish national team have the Azulgrana defender Jernemyr and the keeper Sjostrand, while the French have the Barça Intersport player Sorhaindo, one of the team leaders. Thus, that at least one player will return to Barcelona with a gold medal around his neck - just like the Azulgrana Jerome Fernández did in 2008.

France, undefeated

The French national team are looking to defend the gold medal they won in the 2008 Beijing Olympics, after edging Croatia in the semi-final by 25 to 22. The undefeated French national team will be able to call on the Azulgrana Sorhaindo in its bid for gold. This will be the Frenchman's first Olympic final.

This is Fance's second consecutive Olympic final, its third overall. If the current gold medal holders beat Sweden, they will equal Croatia and the old USSR, with two gold medals, as the team with the most Olympic titles.

Sweden’s rebirth

In these Games, the Swedes have progressed to the final thanks to their solid defence. Sweden’s excellent defensive play, led by Jernemyr, and the good performances from Andersson and Sjostrand saw them past Hungary in the semi-final by a narrow scoreline of 26 to 27.

The Swedes are looking for their first handball gold medal after not featuring in the Athens and Beijing Olympic Games. The Swedish national side, however, did medal three consecutive times (Barcelona, Atlanta and Sydney) but have yet to claim gold.

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