Masip, Sterbik and Coll / PHOTO: MIGUEL RUIZ - FCB

Arpad Sterbik was officially presented this Monday as a Barça Intersport player. The player was accompanied by the director responsible for the team, Eduard Coll, and the team’s technical secretary, Enric Masip. The Serbian keeper, who has Spanish nationality, said that he’s “very eager to achieve big things” and he’s convinced that he’s “taken an important step” in his professional career.


After thanking Barça’s directors “for their confidence and effort to sign” him, Sterbik talked about how excited he was to sign for Barça Intersport. The player also noted that he already knows many of the Azulgrana players and that his transition into his new team will be “fast and simple.” He added: “it’s September, we have to train hard and start working.”

The ex-BM Atlético Madrid player was very clear that the reason he signed with Barça Intersport was that he simply needed to change clubs: “there are times in life when a change is necessary. My head was telling me that I needed to change. It’s not true that I had economic problems with Atlético Madrid, this year they signed more players than ever. This sport isn’t just about the money. I had my first offer from Barça in 2003. Since then I’ve always wanted to come.”

The player’s interest, key in the deal

Eduard Coll thanked the player for “his gesture and willingness” to sign for the team. “Arpad came because he wanted to. We sincerely thank him for that gesture, for how he fought to make this transfer possible. I want to say that he’s making less money now than when he was at Atlético Madrid, this shows that he really wanted to come.”

“We have the best goalkeepers”

Enric Masip, who also thanked the player for his eagerness to sign, said that “the fact that we have him in the team is a luxury for us, it gives the team prestige.” The team’s technical secretary noted that Sterbik is a “key keeper, decisive. He’s a player that makes a difference, every team wants him.”

Friendship with Saric

Dankel Saric and Arpad Sterbik were team-mates in the Serbian international team at the end of the 1990s. The players parted ways -Sterbik got his Spanish nationality and Saric got his Bosnian nationality - halfway through last decade and are now team-mates once again. Sterbik said, “with Saric it will be easy, because we know each other and we know how to work together. I think we’ll be ok in goal.”

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