Víctor Tomás / PHOTO: www.london2012.com

The Spanish national team, with seven Barça players in the squad, will not complete for an Olympic Medal after tonight’s quarter-final defeat against France. The Azulgrana Cedric Sorhaindo, however, will fight for an Olympic Medal after his teammate, Accambray, netted the game-winning goal in the last second of the match against the Iberians.

The Spanish team took the initiative at the start of the match and were well defended at the back with an immense Sterbik in goal. Spain’s spectacular start saw them take a 6-1 lead halfway through the first half, with two goals from the Azulgrana Víctor Tomás. France, Olympic Gold Medal and World Championship holders, went on a 6-8 run to bring the score to 12-9 at the half. The Barça Intersport pivot, Sorhaindo, with three goals, was one of France’s standout players in the first half.

France fight back in the second half

France drew level in the second half with 18 minutes remaining on the clock (17-17) and took a three-goal lead minutes later. Spain never gave up and managed to equalise in the last minute of the game (22-22). However, after tying up the match, Spain were unable to take the lead. Accambray took advantage of a rebound from the keeper Sterbik to score the final 22-23 in the last second of the match.

Sorhaindo’s France are set to face the winner of the Croatia-Tunisia quarter-final. For Spain, Tomás scored six goals; Entrerríos, two; and Morros, one. Sarmiento, Aguirrezabalaga and Rocas also participated in tonight’s match, Gurbindo, however, did not due to injury.

Sweden also in the hunt for Olympic glory

The Swedish national side, with Magnus Jernemyr and Johan Sjostrand, will fight for an Olympic Medial after securing passage to the semi-finals by beating Denmark (24-22). Sweden will face the ex-Azulgrana Laszlo Nagy’s Hungry in the next round. Two goals from Nicolas Ekberg in the last minute of the match broke the 22-all deadlock between the two sides. Jernemyr led his team’s defence throughout the whole match and Sjostrand enjoyed a couple of minutes in goal.

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