Pascual / PHOTO: Miguel Ruiz - FCB

Xavi Pascual held a press conference after FC Barcelona Intersport’s last training session ahead of Tuesday’s match at the Palau (20.30) against BM GlobalCaja Ciudad Encantada Cuenca. The manager warned of the quality the Cuenca-based team have and their capacity to work together as a team.

Hard work and determination

After the narrow one-goal victory over Dinamo Minsk, Pascual was asked if Saturday's match will affect the team ahead of tomorrow’s game. The Barça manager said that “we have to become accustomed to not winning all of our games by 15 goals. Our opponents try to beat us and we have to be aware of how hard this can be.

“We can play well or poorly but my players have left it all on court and Saturday is a good example of that and if the Palau helps us like it did on Saturday, it’ll be difficult for points to slip away,” said Pascual.

BM GlobalCaja Ciudad Encantada Cuenca, an important rival

BM GlobalCaja Ciudad Encantada Cuenca come into the match at the Palau in the fifth position of the Asobal League. Despite losing to BM Aragón, the men led by ‘Zupo’ Equisoain have won all three matches they’ve played on the road this season.

For Pascual: “Cuenca are a team that always give us problems. Their manager, Zupo Equisoain, knows how to get the best out of his players. It’s really hard to win on the road these days and we have to respect them. They’ve earned that respect and in this League nothing is given away.

“Their style of play has a lot of continuity and they’re very secure. They defend with a 6-0 and sometimes with a 5-1 and they maintain their pace throughout the match. They can score from the first line and from the 1x1. Their team play is very good and they’re well defended in goal,” explained Pascual.

Jernemyr doubtful

The Blaugrana Jernemyr is doubtful for the match against BM GlobalCaja Ciudad Encantada Cuenca. The player is struggling to overcome back problems, a decision on his match fitness will be made hours before the match.

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