Naturhouse La Rioja defeated Barça Intersport in the 29th Round of the Liga Asobal. The home team led throughout the match and successfully fought off the attempted comeback from Xavi Pascual’s men in the second half. Today’s defeat means that Barça Intersport will not finish the season as undefeated champions, out of the 29 games so far this season the Blaugrana have won 28 and lost one.


Naturhouse La Rioja, 33
Barcelona Intersport, 31

Naturhouse La Rioja (13+20): Jorge Martínez (p), Petrus (2), Mindegia (7), Ajo, Cuartero (10,4p), Curuvija (5), Capote (1), Aguinagalde (p), Miralles, Velasco (1), Paván (4), Víctor Hugo and Silva (3).

Barcelona Intersport (11+20): Sterbik (p), Noddesbo (2), Sorhaindo, Sarmiento (5), Ariño, Gurbindo (3), Morros (1), Saric (p), Juan García (2), Entrerríos, Aguirrezabalaga, Rutenka (8,3p), Stramovsky (6,1p), Albert Rocas (3) and Balaguer (1).

Referees: Rafael Alberto García Mosquera and Enrique Ríos Martí­n

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