Masip, Montoro and Coll in the press room / PHOTO: MIGUEL RUIZ - FCB

Ángel Montoro, FC Barcelona Intersport’s new signing, was officially presented as a new Barça player in the Richard Maxenchs press room this afternoon. The former Ademar León winger talked to the press and was accompanied by handball director, Eduard Coll, and the athletic director, Enric Masip.

Montoro, who will don the number 17 on his back, is convinced that he’s good enough to play for the Azulgranas. The 212-centimeter tall player, who signed a 6-year deal with FCB Intersport, will bolster Xavi Pascual’s team for the upcoming season.

Excited to play for Barça

Montoro said that he’s convinced that he’ll be successful with Barça and he believes that his level of play is sufficient to earn him a spot on Pascual’s team. The winger, however, said: “my intention isn’t to replace anyone, each player has his own personality and we are all different. I’ve come to do the best possible job.”

Montoro’s stature (212 cm) gives him a distinct advantage when he plays: “my height makes it easier to shoot, shoot over other players, make passes to my teammates over the opposition and, on defence, it helps me block shots. I have a lot of defects as well, but I try to address those in training.”

“I was very excited when I found out that FC Barcelona was interested in contracting me because Barça are one of the best teams in the world,” said Montoro. When asked about his recent ACL injury, the player explained that “I’m working hard to recover from my injury and I hope to start the season on full form.”

Grateful for the Montoro’s sacrifice

Both the director responsible for the team, Eduard Coll, and the athletic director, Enric Masip, thanked Montoro for the economic sacrifice he made to come to the Club. Coll said that “Montoro’s signing had to be completed within a two-season timeframe, but the team’s necessities and circumstances accelerated the process.”

In order to sign the player, Montoro had to make an economic sacrifice - specifically, the player paid his own buy-out clause. In other words, it’s very evident that the player is very excited to play for FC Barcelona Intersport. 

Laszlo Nagy's contract

Eduard Coll shed light on Laszlo Nagy’s current situation, after news broke that he will remain with the club for another season. “The offer from Veszprem was ridiculous. Nagy has a buy-out clause of three million euros and, at the very least, signing a replacement that has the same quality would cost at least one million. We cannot make poor decisions when it comes to selling players, especially when what we would be given wouldn’t be enough to sign another player. Therefore, he’ll stay with the club for another year,” said Coll.

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