Barça Intersport continue to count their games with victories. This Tuesday Barça won away to Helvetia Anaitasuna (29-33), in the Copa del Rey’s new competition format. With this result, the Blaugrana qualify for the quarter finals of the Cup (it’s a double-leg knock out format from here on out).

The competition’s new format is very dangerous, seeing that the Asobal League teams play a single elimination match in the round of 16, that’s why Pascual considered this Tuesday’s match as “a final away from home.” The Blaugrana manager took all 16 first team players to Pamplona, and they responded beautifully.


Helvetia Anaitasuna, 29
Barça Intersport, 33

Helvetia Anaitasuna: Álex Capón, Ricard Reig (7), Javier Borragán (3), Cristian Martínez (1), Xabier Etxeberría (3), Miguel Goñi (3), Ibai Meoki (2) -starting team-. Matías Schulz (porter), Ion Latorre (1), David Carvajal, Rubén Montávez (2), Bozidar Nadoveza (5), Arkaitz Arizcuren, Carlos Chocarro (1), Álex Marcelo (1), Yaroslav Kisselev.

Barça Intersport: Arpad Sterbik, Juanín García (9), Víctor Tomás (2), Raúl Entrerrios, (1) Cedric Sorhaindo (1), Míkel Aguirrezabalaga (3) -starting team-. Daniel Saric (porter), Magnus Jernemyr, Siarhei Rutenka (1), Martin Stranovsky (2), Albert Rocas (2), Ángel Montoro, Viran Morros (1), Daniel Sarmiento (4), Eduardo Gurbindo (5), Jesper Noddesbo (3).

Score in increments of five minutes: 2-2, 4-6, 6-8, 8-12, 9-14 and 12-16 (Halftime). 15-18, 18-22, 21-24, 22-28, 26-29 and 29-33 (Final).

Referees: Antonio Merino Mori and Javier Moyano Prieto.

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