The scoreline was 15 to 18 after 33 minutes in the game between Pick Szeged and FC Barcelona this Sunday. That’s when Eduardo Gurbindo netted Barça’s 19th goal of the game, taking the team’s all-time goal tally in Europe to 10,000.

“When I was on the court I didn’t realize that I had scored such an important goal”

After the match Gurbindo said he was “very excited that I made history with FC Barcelona Intersport.” He added: “I haven’t been here long and it was just a coincidence that I scored such a significant goal.”

The Navarra-born player joined FC Barcelona from BM Valladolid this summer. Gurbindo explained that “on Saturday someone told me that we were only 19 goals shy of reaching the 10,000 goal mark, but as you can imagine, I wasn’t thinking about that during the game when I scored. In fact, I found out when I was on the bus on the way home.”

Gurbindo, who has a fantastic sense of humour, laughed when he said: “All I need now is for that goal to show up in a book. I’d show off that page to everyone.”

A long journey

FC Barcelona Intersport’s journey in Europe started on October 18, 1969. The Blaugrana had earned the right to participate for the first time in European play after they claimed the Spanish league title in the previous season.

The first European match, and Barça’s first European Cup match, was played away to Dudelinge in Luxembourg. Barça lost the away match by 20 to 18 but they made it to the next round by winning 25 to 15 in Barcelona a week later.

Now, 43 years later, FC Barcelona Intersport have scored a total of 10,000 goals in European competitions.

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