Rutenka, en una acció contra el Pick Szeged. FOTO: ÁLEX CAPARRÓS - FCB

The first ever World Handball Championship to be hosted by Spain has thrown up plenty of curiosities. As many as 68 Barça players have appeared for their respective national teams in the competition over the years.

Miracle, the first

The first appearance at the tournament by an FCB player takes us right back to 1958. The 3rd championship was held in the former German Democratic Republic and the Spanish squad included Lluís Miracle of FC Barcelona, one of the biggest stars of the age. The ‘striker’, as such players were called then, paved the way for 67others.

Barrufet, most appearances

David Barrufet has made more World Championship appearances than any other FC Barcelona player. The former captain made his debut at Sweden 1993, and appeared at ever tournament from then until Croatia 2009, a total of nine different editions.

Dream players

With four appearances each we find two of Barça’s most famous legends, Enric Masip, the current technical secretary of Barça Borges, and Eugeni Serrano. Iker Romero, now at Füchse Berlín, played four final tournaments as a Barça player.

There have been three tournaments each for Antonio Carlos Ortega, Quico López Balcells, Fernando Hernández, Laszlo Nagy, Iñaki Urdangarin and Juanín García, while Albert Rocas is set to reach the same tally in 2013.

17 medallists

Barça players have won 17 medals over the years, six gold, five silver and six bronze. The first gold medallist was Barça’s Yugoslavian keeper Zlatan Arnautovic at Switzerland 86.

Croatia 2009, most FCB playters

Croatia 2009 involved more FC Barcelona players than any other edition, a total of 13. The forthcoming Spain 2013 tournament features 10, the same number that the club sent to Sweden 2011.

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