FCB Intersport-Fuchse Berlin /PHOTO: GERMÁN PARGA-FCB.

This Saturday Barça Intersport won its second European match of the season. It was an important victory against Iker Romer’s Füchse Berlin, leaders of the German Bundesliga. With Laszlo Nagy in the stands, Barça battled its way to victory thanks to its defence and Rutenka (8 goals) and Sorhaindo’s (5) accuracy in front of goal.

Barça’s defence and Sterbik prove decisive

Goals from Sorhaindo and Rutenka gave Barça its first considerable lead of the game. The Catalans, who quickly jumped to a 4-2 advantage, doubled their lead after only 15 minutes thanks to Barça’s brilliant defence and Sterbik’s fantastic saves. The Germans were struggling to convert their chances from the seven-meter spot - they missed two at the start of the match - which allowed Barça to shut out the visitors for seven minutes.

One of the most anticipated moments of the game happened after only 12 minutes: Iker Romero, a Palau Blaugrana hero, stepped out onto the court. He scored four goals and was given a standing ovation from the crowd. At the half, Barça led by 15 to 10.

Brilliant finish

The first minutes of the second half were completely dominated by Barça Intersport. The Catalans quickly consolidated their lead and took a 12-goal advantage (26-14) thanks to their intense and effective defence. All in all Barça Intersport were very much the superior side.


Barça Intersport, 34
Füchse Berlín, 23

Barça Intersport: (15+19): Sterbik, Sorhaindo (5), Gurbindo (2), Jernemyr, Juanín(2), Morros, Tomás (6) (starting set), Sarmiento (1), Rutenka (8), Noddesbo (4), Entrerríos, Stranovsky (1), Rocas, Montoro (5).

Füchse Berlin(10+13): Heinevetter, Laen, Bult (1), Christophersen (3), Jaszka (3), Richwien (1), Nincevic (3) (starting set), Spoljaric, Pevnov (4), Romero (4), Lund (1), Sellin(1), Löffler (2), Tauabo.

Score at 5 minute intervals: 2-1, 5-4, 9-4, 10-5, 13-6, 15-10 (half time), 19-12, 23-12, 26-14, 27-16, 30-19, 34-23 (final)

Referees: Nikolov and Nachevski.


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