FCB Intersport - Atlético Madrid / PHOTO: asobal.es

Only six days after the thrilling Champions League match at the Palau, Barça Intersport and Atlético Madrid faced off against each other again, but this time it was in the Copa del Rey. Pascual’s men came into the match with four victories out of five games against the Colchoneros, but the streak didn’t help the Blaugrana as they were defeated thanks to Atlético’s devastating first half performance.


FCB Intersport, 28
Atlético Madrid, 31

FCB Intersport (8+20): Sterbik (p), Noddesbo (4), Víctor Tomás (8), Daniel Sarmiento (3), Ángel Montoro (2), Mikel Aguirrezabalaga, Stranovsky, Saric (p), Juanín García, Raúl Entrerríos (2), Sorhaindo, Gurbindo (4), Jernemyr, Rutenka (3,1p), Albert Rocas (2,1p) and Viran Morros.

Atlético Madrid (14+16): Hombrados (p), Källman (4), Julen Aguinagalde (6), Cañellas (6,3p), Gojun (1), Masachs (2), Balic (1), Rogne (p), Lazarov (6,1p), Miguel Sánchez, Eduard Fernández, Álvaro Ferrer, Ángel Romero (1), David Davis and Jurkiewicz (4).

Referees: Raluy López and Sabroso Ramírez.

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