On Saturday at 15.15, Barça’s handball team will be appearing in a Champions League semi-final for the fifteenth time, and the record shows that once they have come this far, they usually go on to play in the final.

From Gummersbach to Rhein Neckar

Barça made it into their first European Cup semi in 1982/83, back in the days when they were still played on a home and away basis. FCB lost to German side Gummersbach, 21-16 away and 22-23 at the Palau.

Barça’s last semi-final was in the new Final Four format in 2010/11, and they beat Rhein Neckar Lowen 28-30. They’d go on to win their eighth Champions League title against BM Ciudad Real.

Semi-final experience

FC Barcelona have qualified from 10 of the 14 Champions League semi-finals that they have played in. All in all, the club has featured in 29 continental semi-finals and has qualified 23 times.

Other than the 10 wins in the Champions League, Barça also won semis 5 times in the Cup Winners Cup, twice in the EHF Cup and 6 times in the European Supercup.

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