Just three days after defeating Pick Szeged in the Champions League, Barça Intersport claimed another Asobal League victory, their 12th in as many matches in the domestic competition. This Tuesday it was Reale Ademar León, who sit fifth in the League, that fell to the Blaugrana. If Atlético Madrid, Barça’s next rival, win on Wednesday against Zaragoza, they’ll have 24 points, the same as the Blaugrana.

Reale Ademar León came into the match at the Palau as one of the most uncomfortable rivals for Barça in the Asobal League. They are a team that are fighting to qualify for the Copa Asobal and, at the same time, qualify for a spot that gives direct access to the European competitions. Managed by the ex-Blaugrana Manolo Cadenas, Reale Ademar are the team that have conceded the second least amount of goals in the League after Barça Intersport.


Barça Intersport, 33
Reale Ademar Lleó, 19

Barça Intersport (20+13): Saric; Víctor Tomás (3), Montoro (7), Raúl Entrerríos (4), Sorhaindo (1), Rutenka (7, 4p.), Juanín (2), Viran Morros, Noddesbo (3), Gurbindo, Aguirrezabalaga (3), Sarmiento (1), Jernemyr, Balaguer and Ariño (2).

Reale Ademar Lleó (10+9): Malumbres (Asanin, m.10 a 30); Vrazalic (1), Goñi (2), Carou (2), Vranjes (4), Castro (2), Carrillo, Golibovic, Borges (4), Cabanas (1), Tatarintsev (3,1p) and Jadim.

Referees: Casado Fernández and Vera Avila.

Score at five minute intervals: 2-1, 7-1, 11-4, 14-6, 19-7, 20-10 (halftime). 20-11, 22-13, 23-15, 27-18, 30-18 and 33-19 (final).

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