PHOTO: Javier Quintana

One of the big games of the year is upon us, Asobal champions FC Barcelona Intersport will face the eight-time European champions, current league leaders of the Bundesliga and last year’s quarter-finalists, Füchse Berlin. At 16.15 and live on Esport3, one of the most attractive games of the VELUX EHF Champions League will be played.

A formidable side

Füchse Berlin have one of the most well balanced teams on the continent. Despite missing Igropulo due to a passing of his father, the Germans have a very solid defence  thanks to the Stochl-Hainevetter duo. Xavi Pascual defined the German defence as “extraordinary.”

In addition to their fantastic defence, the German side are also dangerous on the other end of the court. The Lund and Jaszka pair give Füchse Berlin incredible pace. Laen the pivot, Nincevic the forward and the tactical prowess of Romero make Füchse Berlin a fearsome team.

Füchse Berlin sit atop the Bundesliga standings after winning six and drawing two of their eight league matches. Sigurdsson’s men also faced off against THW Kiel, and broke the North German team’s streak of 40 consecutive victories.

All hands on deck

FC Barcelona Intersport come into Saturday’s match with all of its players. Jernemyr and Sorhaindo trained with the team and will be with their team-mates at the Palau to face Füsche. Pascual knows how difficult the game will be, one of the most demanding of the Catalans’ European season, and he’s prepared his men meticulously for the monumental showdown.

The Blaugrana have shown that in the Asobal and in Europe, after a convincing win away to Kadetten Schaffhausen, that Pascual’s defensive and offensive concepts are producing fantastic results.

Barça Intersport are unbeaten in all competitions so far this year. They have confidence in their style and they’re eager to maintain their unbeaten status as they go up against one of the most powerful teams in Europe.

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