Resum handbol 2012

Here we sum up 2012 in 12 news items and 12 photos.

Barça Intersport have been given a break until January 14th after winning the Copa Asobal in Vigo, following the Asobal Legaue, Catalan Super Cup and Asobal Super Cup titles. A series of wins after an unbeaten start to the season that have been marked by the contributions of big names like Pascual, Nagy, Tomás, Sorhaindo or Sterbik.

Her are 12 news items and 12 photos to sum up the year.

1.- Pascual back in charge after operation

2.- Barça Intersport become first team to score 20,000 goals in the Asobal

3.- Barça retain Asobal League title

4.- Nagy bids farewell after 12 years

5.- Sorhaindo, Olympic gold with France….Jernemyr and Sjöstrand win silver

6.- Víctor Tomás named Barça handball captain

7.- Arpad Sterbik heads list of new signings for 12/13 season

8.- Catalan Super Cup first title of the season

9.- Barça Intersport beat Atletico Madrid in Asobal Supercup

10.- Xavi Pascual extends contract to 2015

11.- Gurbindo scores goal number 10.000 in Europe for Barça Intersport

12.- Fightback wins Copa Asobal trophy to round off the year

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