Raúl Entrerríos / PHOTO: Arxiu-FCB

The first big showdown of the season is right around the corner. The Super Cup tie, which will be played in Madrid on Saturday at 18.00, is a single elimination tournament that will pit FC Barcelona Intersport against BM Atlético Madrid, both teams were undefeated during the pre-season.

Perfect record

FC Barcelona Intersport have won all of their pre-season matches since they returned to work at the end of this summer. The red and whites beat Fraikin Granollers in the first match of their pre-season by 27 to 28.

The Azulgranas, who featured in the Doboj Tournament in Bosnia, beat four Champions League teams: Dinamo Minsk, Vardar, Chekhovskie and Reale Ademar. Barça claimed the summer tournament title for the second time in as many years.

Barça led BM Huesca, in the friendly played at Malgrat Mar, by 20 to 17 but the match was suspended due to poor court conditions.

First title

This past weekend, Barça lifted its first official title of the summer, the Catalan Super Cup. In the semi-finals of the tournament, which is the modern edition of the Liga de los Pirineos, Barça beat BM Bordils by 23 to 43.

Víctor Tomás lifted his first as FC Barcelona’s captain after Pascual’s men beat Fraikin Granollers by 28 to 20 in the final, hosted in Banyoles.

Champions of the SuperGlobe

BM Atlético Madrid come into the final of the Super Cup after claiming the SuperGlobe title. The Madrid-based side won the tournament last weekend by beating the current European title holders, THW Kiel, by 28 to 32.

The red and whites have redesigned their team this year. Atlético replaced Dinart, Abalo, Sterbik, Alberto Entrerríos with high-caliber players.

The new players, Álvaro Ferrer, one of the best defensive players in the history of the sport, and Ivano Balic, will pair up with the ex-Azulgrana Cañellas in the Atlético attack. BM Atlético Madrid have also brought in the French winger and Olympic champion Xavier Barachet. In addition, Maschans (forward), Gojun (defence) and Dahl (keeper) are all new this season to an already strong Atlético roster.

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