Barça have won 15 of the 27 editions of the ASOBAL Super Cup and this year’s was coach Xavi Pascual second – all the more important for having been won at Atletico’s home court at Vistalegre.


No team has come close to taking as many Super Cups as Barça with BM Athletico Madrid, BM Ciudad Real and BM San Antonio de Pamplona all a long way back with three titles each.

The win in Madrid was Barça Intersport’s second of the season, following their capture of the Catalan Super Cup against Fraikin Granollers in Banyoles last Monday.

Long history of success

FC Barcelona’s handball section won their first Super Cup 26 years ago in the 1986/87 season under Valero Rivera, when they beat Tecnisán Alicante – one of the big names in the sport at that time.

The Club also won the trophy for four straight seasons between 1988 and 1992, whilst their last win was in the 2009/10 campaign when they beat BM Ciudad Real 33 a 26 in Guadalajara.

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