The end of the season is here which means it’s time to review the team’s performance. Xavi Pascual, a man that has led his team from the bench all season, gives an overview of FC Barcelona Intersport’s year.

Overall satisfaction

Pascual talked to Barça TV for his end-of-year review of his team. When asked what grade he would give his men, Pascual explained: “it’s hard to give the team a grade. I’m very satisfied and proud of what they’ve done.

“I’m pleased with the Liga title and especially how we won it two years in a row,” said Pascual.

The Azulgrana manager continued: “we fought for every title until the end, winning the Liga title makes this a good season. We lost in the final of the Cup and we were eliminated from the Champions League - these are things we can improve upon, but it’s clear that when you play against teams that are so good it’s hard to win everything.”

Calm about the future

When asked about the future of this team, the manager was clear: “we will be a competitive side next season. It’s true that there are players that are leaving and others that we’re not sure about yet, but I guarantee that Barça’s handball team will continue to fight for all the titles.”

Along these lines, Pascual said that “the team will be competitive and will try to win the most amount of titles possible.”

The hardest year for Pascual

Pascual was asked if this year, after winning the Liga, was special. The manager said that “this year has been the most difficult year since I was named manager. Not for athletic reasons, but for personal reasons and for what I’ve experienced with the team.”

Pascual continues his work

Pascual hasn’t taken his vacation yet, the Azulgrana manager said that “I’m still working to put the finishing touches on the season and preparing well for next year, which will prove to be a hard year, because of the Olympics and the World Cup. I hope to take a 15 day vacation.”

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