Xavi Pascual returns to Barça Intersport/ PHOTO: Arxiu FCB

Xavi Pascual, who is back with the team after a prolonged absence due to health reasons, will lead his team this Sunday against Caja 3 BM Aragón (16:00 Teledeporte). The Barça manager said that he’s feeling better since his return and that he’s focusing on “preparing the match on Sunday, we’ll try to take the two points from the Aragón court.”

Pascual is aware of what the Aragón side is capable of: “it’s a very difficult court for us, we had a lot of trouble winning last year. It’s one of the matches that’s always hard for us, when they give you the schedule, [this match] is always in the back of your mind. We know that we must try to give it our all and bring the two points back with us.”

“I’ve been following the team”

Despite being away from the team, the Barça manager hasn’t stopped following his men. “The team has been doing well, they’ve been on a good trajectory for a while,” said Pascual in the pre-match press conference this Saturday.

A spirited team

Barça Intersport is a team with their own philosophy. “We’ve managed to establish our very own game style, game philosophy. When you go to see Barça’s handball team you know what you’re seeing, we don’t mislead anyone.” Pascual said, “the team has identified this type of play, we have players that enjoy this model [of play].”

The manager went on to praise his team for their achievements: “there comes a time when the real protagonists of everything are the players, we help them, but they are the protagonists. If the team wins, it’s absolutely because of them.”

Praise for the coaching staff

Xavi Pascual is very pleased with the work that his colleagues have done in his absence. “Managing a professional team, like ours, is impossible for one person to do on his own. One of the most important tasks for a manager is picking the right people to assist. I make mistakes in games, in training sessions, but I do not make mistakes when it comes to picking people to work by my side.”

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