Barça against BM Huesca at the Palau Blaugrana /PHOTO: ÀLEX CAPARRÓS

Another win for Barça Intersport at the Palau Blaugrana (38-27). With seven matches remaining in the League, and with an international break ahead, the Azulgranas are unbeaten so far in the national competition. BM Huesca started the game off strong, but as time went on the Barça side took control of the match. In the end Barça took the win with a 12-goal lead over their rival. The stand-out player of the match was Noddebo, who scored the League’s 10,000th goal from the 6 meter line.

The defence, key in the first half

Barça boasted a solid defence throughout the first half, which forced Huesca to shoot from nine meters out on most of their attacking plays. Each time the Azulgranas reached their opposition’s goal, the visitors stopped the play with fouls; it seemed like that was the only way to stop Barça. It’s worth nothing Albert Rocas’ performance, as well as Sjostrand, both of whom finished the first half having saved 45% of the throws shot at them.

Pesic opened up the scoring. The first Barça Intersport goal came a couple of second into the match, when Pesic narrowly bested the Huesca keeper. In the first minutes, the game was fairly equal with offensive plays from both teams. When Barça took a two-goal lead, Huesca pushed harder to stay in contention.

The Barça defence, however, was impenetrable and Huesca kept on trying from the 9-meter line. On 19 minutes, Barça started to control the match. It was at this point when Barça set themselves up for victory thanks to Rocas. A last minute goal from Palafrugell made it 16-11 at the half.

Difference of eight goals

The second half started like the first. Saubich opened up the scoring although Víctor Tomás quickly made it 17-12. The difference between the two sides was the same as it was in the first half, five goals. However, on 10 minutes, Barça went on a 4-0 run, which increased their lead to 8.

Barça’s superiority was evident throughout the second half. Xavi Pascual started to relax a bit on the bench and despite the result, the Barça players kept their onslaught alive. Huesca started off their offensive plays slowly and increased their intensity as they got closer to Barça’s goal. It didn’t work for the visitors seeing that Barça’s keeper was almost unbeatable.

Saubich (4) and Pesic (6) were Huesca’s highest goal scorers, while Barça’s were Juanín and Noddesbo, who scored the League’s 10,000th goal. The Palau gave the undefeated team a standing ovation at the end of the match.


Barça Intersport, 38

BM Osca, 27

FC Barcelona Intersport: Sjostrand, Sorhaindo (1), Sarmiento (2), Mikel (5), Albert Rocas (5), Morros (1), Igropulo (1) –starting five- Noddesbo (4), Juanín (9), Víctor Tomás (5), Entrerrios (4) and Nagy (1).

BM Osca: Voncina, Saubich (4), Esteban (2), Pesic (6), Álvarez, Álvaro Ruíz, Montero (1) –starting five- Bartolomé (3), Tremps(2), Matías(2), Escribano (1), Bertos (1) and Mira (1).

Score in intervals of five minutes: 3-2, 5-4, 8-6, 9-6, 13-9, 16-11 (halftime) 17-12, 23-16, 26-20, 31-23, 33-23, 38-27 (final)

Referee: García Sánchez i Murillo Castro.

Venue: Palau Blaugrana.

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