Juanín García against Zagreb. Photo:Arxiu-FCB

This Tuesday at 11:30 in Vienna, the quarter-final draw for the Handball Champions League will take place. FC Barcelone Intersport will be paired up with second and third placed teams in the group stages. Slovenia's Cimos Koper, Spain’s Reale Ademar, AG Copenhagen and Croatia Zagreb are Barça’s possible rivals.

Cimos Koper, the surprise team

The Slovenians are the surprise team of the tournament. After finishing second in Group C, they beat Bodgan Wenta’s (ex-Barça man) Kielce.

Cimos Koper have broken the monopoly that Celje enjoyed in Slovenian handball. In order to break Celje’s hegemony, various Slovenian players returned to Cimos Koper after playing in different European teams.

Three men especially stand out. The winger Milorad Kricokapic, who is the team’s top scorer with 56 goals, and Matjaz Bruma, who has scored 52 goals. The ex-Croatia Zagreb keeper Gorazd Skof is also putting in a spectacular season for Cimos.

Ademar: a fantastic European season

Reale Ademar of León have shown their best play in the Champions League. The team come into the draw after beating Veszprém.

This season, in the first phase of the competition, they drew with THW Kiel and beat Copenhagen and Montpelier while showing their best play.

If Ademar is paired up with Barça, the Azulgranas will have to play against talented players like Antonio García, Ruesga, and Stranovsky. The players led by Isidoro Martínez are united and they have always given FC Barcelona difficulties.

The last match between the two sides was in the Final of the Asobal Cup, this December in León, where the Azulgranas won by a solitary goal (28-27).

AG Copenhagen, a fearsome rival

With the ex-Azulgrana Mikel Hansen, also named the best player in the world, in the squad and with two more ex-Barça players Joachim Boldsen and Kasper Hvidt, AG Copenhagen is one of the strongest teams in the competition.

The three ex-Barça players are accompanies by the Catalan Cristian Malmagro and Toft Hansen, Olafur Stefansson and Lars Jorgensen.

The Danes come into the quarter-finals after finishing second in Group D, behind THW Kiel, and beating Savehof in the Round of 16.

Croatia Zagreb, the Croatian threat

The Croats come into the draw after finishing second in Group A, they came in behind FC Barcelona Intersport, and beat Metalurg Skopje in the Round of 16.

Zagreb knows what it means to beat FC Barcelona this season. They lost to the Catalans in Croatia by 30-31, but beat Barça at the Palau by 29-30. That victory was the first time they beat Barça in the history of the Club.

Croatia Zagreb’s play is centered around some of the best players in the history of the sport, like the centre defender Ivano Balic. Balic is accompanied by the highest goalscorer in the Champions League, Horvat, who has scored 80 goals so far this season in the continental tournament.

The road to Cologne

With the draw this Tuesday in Vienna, FC Barcelona’s road to the Final Four in Cologne will be made clear. The quarter-final matches will be played at the end of April. The first game will be played away from the Palau, the weekend of the 21-22 of April. The return leg will be at the Palau Blaugrana on the weekend of the 28-29 of April.

In the event of winning the tie, FC Barcelona will play in Cologne for the third consecutive Final Four playoff (26 and 27 of May).

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