Martin Stranovsky will be Azulgrana for three seasons / PHOTO: ÁLEX CAPARRÓS-FCB

Martin Stranovsky has realised a dream: signing for FC Barcelona Intersport. “My first dream was to play outside of Slovakia, my country. My second dream was to sign with Barça. It’s a dream a lot of people don’t get the chance to realise. I couldn’t say no. It’s a privilege for me and something incredible for my family,” said the new Barça player in his presentation press conference. Stranovsky was accompanied by the director of the team, Eduard Coll, and the technical secretary Enric Masip.

“I can deal with pressure”

Stranovsky comes to Barça after having played for Ademar León for seven seasons. “The years I’ve spent in Spain have been great, but I was at a team that wasn’t in the top tier of quality, but Barça is. Now I have to try and win everything. We have to win the Liga and finish among the top four in Europe,” he said. Along these lines, Stranovsky was clear that he “has no problems dealing with pressure” and that he knows what it means to play for a big team like Xavi Pascual’s.

Juanín, a man Stranovsky looks up to

One way or another, Stranovsky’s career has always been influenced by Juanín García. When he arrived to León, Stranovsky was replacing Juanín, who signed for Barça. Now both of them will play at the Palau. “When I was young I didn’t know who Juanín was, because I knew more about the German league. Once I arrive to León, Cadenas showed me a video of Juanín and I flipped out. For me, he’s the best attacker of the Liga. I hope I can learn from him,” he said.

Praise from Masip

The director Eduard Coll, who reminded the press room that Stranovsky came to Barça free of cost, believes that the new Barça player will help the team “continue winning.” Enric Masip believes that “Stranovsky is a left attacker that has great finishing ability. He’s got a lot quality and he can defend like a ‘2’ and play on the exterior, that’s his natural position.”

The technical secretary also praised the Slovakian’s attitude when it came time to sign for Barça Intersport: “his only objective was to sign for Barça, and that’s honourable. He’s committed and he’ll put on a show.”

Nagy's situation & agreement to sign a new player

Martin Stranovsky’s presentation press conference also served to talk about the team’s current affairs, specifically Laszlo Nagy’s situation with the Club. “He has a year left on his contract and we haven’t talked to Veszprém. He’s the best in his position and Barça want to always have the best players. If Veszprém want him, there’s a buyout clause,” explained Eduard Coll. Enric Masip said “he has another year on his contract and if an agreement isn’t reached, he’ll start the preseason with the team.”

The technical secretary announced that the Club has agreed to sign another player to replace Konstantin Igropulo. Masip declined to reveal the player’s name.

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