Barça Intersport continues to dominate in Europe. Xavi Pascual’s men thrashed Bosna Sarajevo in a game that only had one team looking to win. The match between the top and bottom teams in the Champions League group ended with an overwhelming result for the visitors (17-43).

Aguirrezabalaga, with six goals, scored the most goals for a Barça squad that was without Sorhaindo or Rutenka, who saw that game from the bench. The home side were without Amir Cakic, their highest goal scorer, who had to leave the court nine minutes into the game due to injury.

Barça’s superiority soon became evident as they jumped to a 4-10 lead after 15 minutes. The visiting side’s offensive efficiency combined with a rock solid defence left Barça with an astounding 9-21 lead at the half.

Second half, same story

Barça Intersport started the second half much like how they ended the first half, with intensity and goals. Barça stormed ahead, not letting their lead give cause for pause, and by the second half hour of the match Barça was on a 8-22 run.

Barça’s victory over Bosna Sarajevo (17-43) is the largest goal margin that Barça has ever won by in Europe. This was Bosna’s poorest showing in the five Champions League games they have played this season.

Five days away from Barcelona

After 4,500 kilometers of travel and two away games, Barça returns to Barcelona after an intense week on the road. Xavi Pascual’s men travelled to Vigo this past Tuesday to play in the League fixture against Academia Octavio, from there Barça travelled to the Bosnian capital. Bosna Sarajevo will be Barça’s next rival in Europe. The game will be played in the Palau next Saturday.



Bosna Sarajevo: Martinovic (Tartar); Vrazalic (3) Mejdic (6, 1p.), Pazin (1), Mesaric (-), Tojcic (2), Cacik (-); Terza (2), Halibegovic (1), Arapovic (-), Gorenac (1) and Jusufovic (1)

FC Barcelona Intersport: Saríc; Víctor Tomás (5), Nagy (4), Noddesbo (5), Jernemyr (-), Raúl Entrerríos (3), Ugalde (4); Aguirrezabalaga (6), Igropulo (3), Juanin (5), Sarmiento (1), Morros (1), Oneto (1), Rocas (5, 1p) and Sjostrand (p.s.)

Referees: Ferenc Bonifert and Viktor Olah.

Partials: 3-3, 4-7, 4-11, 5-14, 6-19, 9-21; 10-24, 12-27, 13-32, 14-37, 16-40 and 17-43.

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