Víctor Tomas / PHOTO: ARXIU FCB

This Thursday afternoon the Spanish national manager announced the his preselected team for the London Olympic Games. FC Barcelona Intersport, with six players, is the team with the most players named to the Spanish national side.

Azulgrana supremacy

Sarmiento, Entrerríos, Aguirrezabalaga, Viran, Rocas and Tomás are the FC Barcelona Intersport players named to Spain’s preselected squad. BM Atlético Madrid, with five players, is the second-most represented team in the national side.

Valero Rivera’s defence could may be completely Azulgrana if he plays Sarmiento and Entrerríos in the middle, accompanied by the Catalan and ex-Barça man Joan Cañellas.

Two attackers like Tomás and Albert Rocas and two wing men like Viran Morros and Mikel Aguirrezabalaga complete Barça’s contribution to the national team.

The road to London

Of the 18 preselected players, Valero Rivera will have to drop two players midway through July, and drop an additional player, thereby completing the 15-man roster, before the team heads off to Great Britain.

More Azulgranas

FC Barcelona’s six Spanish players could be joined by other Azulgranas in London.

Sorhaindo was named to the 20-player French team; Nagy was named to Hungary’s team and Jernemyr and Sjöstrand have been named to the Swedish Olympic team.

If all of Barça’s preselected players end up going to London it would be FC Barcelona’s second-best showing in the Olympics after the Beijing Games, where Barça was represented by 13 handball players.

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