Siarhei Rutenka was FC Barcelona Intersport’s highest goal scorer in the 2011/12 season. The Azulgrana attacker scored 237 goals in the 6 official competitions that his team played in. Nagy, with 202, and Juanín García, with 172, finished in second and third place on the team’s top scorer list.

Rutenka’s goals in the Asobal, vital to Barça’s campaign

Rutenka emerged as the team leader thanks to the goals he scored in the Liga Asobal. With 146 goals in the domestic competition, the Azulgrana was the fourth-best goal scorer of the competition.

In the Champions League, Rutenka scored 58 goals, only surpassed by fellow team-mate Laszlo Nagy, who scored 62 goals in the European competition.

19 goals in the Copa del Rey, 9 in the Asobal Cup and 5 in the Asobal Super Cup complete Rutenka’s haul of 237 goals in the 2011/12 season.

Nagy second and Juanín third

Nagy and ‘Juanín’ García finished second and third on FC Barcelona Intersport’s top scorer list for the 2011/12 season.

Nagy scored 107 goals in the Asobal League and 62 in the Champions League - making him the highest Barça scorer in the European competition. He also scored 15 goals in the Copa del Rey, 15 in the Asobal Cup and 3 in the Liga de los Pirineos.

‘Juanín’ García scored 172 goals in the 2011/12 season for FC Barcelona Intersport. He scored 107 goals in the Asobal League, 46 in the Champions League, 6 in the Copa del Rey, 3 in the Asobal Cup, 1 in the Super Cup and 9 in the Liga de los Pirineos.

Barça's goal scorers in the 2011/12 season

1.-Siarhei Rutenka 237

2.-Laszlo Nagy 202

3.-‘Juanín’ García 172

4.-Víctor Tomás 142

5.-Raúl Entrerríos 135

6.-Jesper Noddesbo 126

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