Saric. Photo: arxiu.

Barça Intersport players will start their Christmas vacation with the Asobal Cup neatly tucked under their arms - their second title of the season after the Pirineos Cup - and with qualification for the next edition of the Champions League ensured. They won the title with all honours. After knocking out Valladolid in the semi-final yesterday, they dispatched the reigning champions in the closely contested final. The game was very similar to Wednesday’s: clear dominance from Barça in the first half and a resurgent rival in the second. Tonight, however, a providential and heroic Saric was needed to claim the title.

Unstoppable start

Without allowing themselves to be intimidated by the hostile crowd, Barça Intersport started the game like true champions. They broke the deadlock after 10 minutes (3-6). The first half from Daniel Saric and Ademar’s keeper, Venio Losert, were truly memorable performances. Barça jumped ahead thanks to a hungry Nagy (4-9, min 15), even though the flow of the game was slow.

The match slows down

The home team managed to stop Barça’s offence, however, they were having difficulties penetrating the visitor’s defensive wall. In the few chances that they did have, Saric was there to stop each shot. The Azulgranas, guided by an effective Entrerrios, had control of the game (9-12, with a last second goal from the Castellano) at the half.

Minimum lead

The flow of the game opened up in the second half. At times it was crazy, and Ademar took advantage of it as they came within one goal of Barça (13-14, min 25). However, four key goals from Sorhaindo stopped the fightback dead in its tracks. Saric, an impenetrable wall in the goal, was also responsible for keeping Barça in the game. Nagy and Rutenka’s power served the visiting side to preserve the lead when they needed it most (22-25, min 52).

Saint Daniel

Ademar, with more heart than skill, managed to get to the final minutes of the match with options to win the title. They even had an opportunity to force overtime in their last attack, but Saric stood in their way. Thanks to the keeper’s brilliant performance, Barça lifted the Asobal Cup.



Reale Ademar (9+18): Losert (Álamo); Krivoschlykov (1), Di Panda (1), Carou (-), Ferrer (2), Jaime González (-), Stranovsky (5, 1 p), Antonio García (7), Baena (2, 1 p), Ruesga (3), Andreu (3), Cutura (1), Borges (2).

FC Barcelona Intersport (12+16): Saric; Tomás (2), Nagy (9), Sorhaindo (4), Sarmiento (2), Rutenka (5), Juanín García (3), Virán Morros (-), Jermenyr (-), Entrerríos (2), Aguirrezabalaga (-), Rocas (-), Noddesbo (-), Ugalde (1).

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